I’m already a semi successful gainer. 200 pounds in 10 years may not seem like a lot, but I’ve been fighting genetics and a highish metabolism. I’m kind of frustrated. I want someone to keep me kind of out of it in my recliner for a month, pumping me to the brim with high calorie gainer shake. Then when I wake up, I’d be noticeably fatter, plus flabbier from muscle loss, and have a ton of extra capacity for future gains.

In my statistics class today the lecturer used an example about forcing people to eat 10 hamburgers a day and recording whether they gained weight, and I was mildly turned on :D

I want this…

I’m sitting in a fast food place with a cute as fuck feeder. She brings me tray after tray of burgers and fries. I sit there stuffing my face with all this good food, while she snuggles up next to me under one of my thick doughy arms and lovingly plays with the soft, descending flesh that makes its way further out from under my T-shirt as I continue to greedily consume. Other customers stare in awe and disgust at the contrast of this whale of a man and his mermaid. I don’t give a fuck, and it seems neither does she. She plunges her finger deep in to my belly button. I’ve always loved that. She knows it. She’s trying to get me even more horny than I already am. It works. I almost can’t take it. I need her. I need her to play with my folds so I can get off. I finish the last of the fries; my pudgy fingers shovelling them into my greedy mouth. We need to get home urgently before I explode right here. I’m so full. It feels good. She notices me mentally preparing to stand and whispers in my ear “you should go to the bathroom before we leave”. The subtext was clear. I selfishly waddled over to the disabled toilet. Surely no one would mind. There’s no way we would be able to do this in a stall. I went in and left the door unlocked. I was sweaty from overeating. I sat on the toilet. It creaked under my blubbery mass, though it felt safe. The door handle moved. Just then I thought, what if it was someone else, not her. I could just pretend I forgot to lock the door. Still kinda embarrassing though. The door slowly swung open. I braced myself. It was her…

I love dominance struggles. He uses his strength and size to dominate me. I use food to make him submissive. He can turn it around by taunting me about my attraction to his fat. It doesn’t matter who ends up on top, both are wonderful.

The process of gaining weight is extremely exciting, especially if he likes it too. It could be accidental at first, gradually growing and gaining more mass. He finds that he enjoys getting bigger and occupying more space, every day incrementally becoming more jiggly, love handles swelling and spilling over his pants, belly advancing further and further in front of him. I subtly egg him on by giving him sugary, fat laden snacks that only augment his appetite, increase his portion sizes of hearty meals, cooking with the most fattening ingredients possible, and encouraging him to eat my portion as well.

A boy eating to the point of pain is a major turn-on. His stomach is swollen and aching, but the food is so delicious that he can’t stop, and doesn’t want to. He’ll keep eating even as the buttons pop off his shirt and he needs to unbutton and unzip his pants to make room for his expanding tummy (yum). Sitting upright becomes more difficult… He actually kind of enjoys the painfully overfull feeling. He is powerful and assertive, but the one chink in his armor is food. When he overeats he’s vulnerable and I can take care of him.

TW: brief diet talk

I’m really embarrassed by my desires. I’m thin and want to become thinner and more muscular, but want my partner to be big, and growing bigger. It feels hypocritical. I’ve been attracted to fat ever since I started showing an interest in boys. I think it has to do with associating unapologetic fatness with rebellion (got that bad boy weakness). He does the opposite of what society tells him to do, and doesn’t lose self confidence, or try desperately to lose weight, or eat only salads. Attitude is key, and I admire the bravery it takes to not diet. 

Lately I’ve been dreaming I wake up as a SSBBW. Now I am a man with a GF, normally not turned on by the thought of waking up a SSBBW but for some reason I keep dreaming I wake up as a huge feedee and my GF is now my Lesbian GF Feeder and it kind of scares me cuz that dream is becoming a recurring dream and I get kind of depressed when I wake up as me again…What’s going on? I am confused.

I’m dating a cute chubby bbw and I’ve been introduced to her mother quite recently.

And holy molly her mother is like twice her weight and fed us like crazy. I’ve been so turned on, imagining her following the path of her mother through all these enormous meals.

I can’t wait to see if my imagination will become reality.

TW: Brief discussion of disordered eating.

i am a small, underweight girl recovering from an eating disorder and i have always had the fantasy of  a man or woman tying me to a bed and forcing me to eat and eat until i am huge and bursting out of my clothes. i have the thought of at first refusing to eat so much, but then being taught to eat and eat with the reward of being fucked or played with. i want to be so big and beautiful and round and i want to be called a little piggy and be so big i can barely walk. all i can do is eat and be adored and fucked and played with.