I’m still a virgin, and I’m finding myself extremely frustrated by my own inability to find a woman around my age that’s big and is interested in getting bigger. Maybe a bit later on in college, but for right now, I’m still desperately trying to find an ssbbw to have a relationship with.

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I really don’t understand why people have such an issue with feederism. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit around all day eating food and getting hotter? 

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I wish I could run into a former high school / college classmate and find out that they’d always been a fat admirer and had really appreciated the way I grew during the years we were in school together and were especially fond of how much fatter I’ve gotten since then.


One of my biggest fantasies is to make my partner so big he struggles to do the simplest things but not quite to immobility, just to the point when he can only walk a few meters before getting completely breathless <3 And then force him to run and exercise until he just absolutely can’t keep going, only to stuff him afterwards so he can get all those calories back <3. (But sadly, though, not many male feedees seem to like that idea)

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I told my girlfriend about me being in the feedist community. Even though the conversation didn’t go the direction that I wanted, I am glad i told her. It was one of my biggest secrets that i kept from her and I am even more glad to have her as my girlfriend.

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I’m at my 10 year high school reunion and there’s a half a sheet cake that no one has eaten and I wish I had a boyfriend I could have brought and surreptitiously fed every last piece…


Since returning to school, I’ve noticed that one of my peers has gained a bit of chub over the summer, particularly in his belly. Ever since i noticed i haven’t been able to stop thinking about helping him continue on that track!

I’d very much like my girlfriend to take a strap-on and tittyfuck my moobs.


So I was in gym today doing nothing with my friend, this cute chubby guy comes over and starts talking, I kinda know who he is… I know his name and set up some jokes for him but we never officially had a conversation. Well me and my friend were sitting there and she had her legs spread like a man on the bleachers, he decided to lean on her crotch (I know I sound like a creep considering where this is going) and I could see the cutest amount of pudge on his belly through his shirts and he had moobs from his weight loss (a few days prior he said he kept flexing because he was loosing a lot of weight recently and that’s how I could tell, I might have been staring and that might have been why he felt obligated to give an explanation). By the end of the class I had seen the bottom of his belly when he took his top layer off and the other shirt started going with it, and I started calling him the “Sexican” because I find him sexy (hopefully they haven’t noticed tho) and he said he is  Mexican. I wish he was into me so I could do some really dirty things to him!


I’m so happy with my current boyfriend, but I can’t stop imagining what it would be like to cuddle with this chubby guy who works at my job.  The other night after his shift he ordered two meals from me (I was working the grill), and I made sure to give him EXTRA fries. Our school likes to cut costs whenever possible, but since I’m a student worker I won’t get fired for giving a guy some extra fries…riiiight? ;)