I go home tomorrow (Tuesday) evening and I promise that, once I’m settled back in, I am going to be sure to start devoting time to processing confessions everyday until I have the inbox empty and the queue filled.

My idea of talking dirty is telling someone how fat I want to see them get.

I know I’ve been packing on the pounds lately, but today I sat down to have breakfast and my pajama bottoms ripped. I was so turned on.

A favourite go-to fantasy of mine is meeting a boy and, whilst talking about kinks, we discover we’re both into feedism but have never tried. Cue an excited discussion of what we’re going to buy to feed him, and a first attempt at feeding where we giggle at the pet names I’m trying to come up with, so I stuff more doughnuts into him. Of course, topped off with a cuddle and belly rub afterwards, cooing about how well he did, my favourite part of it.

I fantasize about working out with my feedee.  Before we begin, she stuffs herself with yummy carbs in preparation.  When I think we’re ready to begin she proceeds to take a lot of time making herself look pretty in spandex and make-up.  After we finally start working out, she decides to take a break after about one minute, and starts eating and watching me work out instead.  She teases me and tells me to push harder while she sits back and eats.  After our “workout”, she needs to replenish all the calories that she burned.  She wants to eat my food as well because she’s preparing for tomorrow’s workout.  When I protest she sits on me until I agree and apologize.

I live in Australia where the fat shaming is huge, and I haven’t even heard of a single out of the closet feeder or feedee. As a feeder who wants to find a feedee I just feel like it’s never going to happen, which just really sucks.

Let me start by saying, I’m not a sexual-minded person, generally speaking. But I have this close friend, who’s been gaining like nothing else lately. Her belly sticks out of her shirt occasionally. Her boobs have gone up what appears to be several sizes. Her ass stretches out the leggings she loves oh so much, to where on a good day, even her black ones become a bit see-through. And to top it all off, she’s developed this cute, little double chin. I noticed when she sat next to me on the bus, the seat groaned under her weight, and when she fell asleep with her head on my shoulder, I could feel her large, soft body rippling against me as the bus vibrated from the bumpy road. It got me rock hard.


I recently opened up to a close friend about my weight gain fantasies and feedist tendencies and I feel so free. My friend was so accepting, it feels amazing having someone who I can talk to about my feelings without feeling judged. 

I’m genuinely too weak to process the current confessions. Please please please feel free to keep sending them, but forgive me for being VERY slow to post.

If there is anyone out there who’d be willing to help, that’d be great.

Thank you

I have a number of submissions in the inbox, but I’ve spent the last couple of days in the hospital. I’m still a little weak and I leave for my brother’s to house-sit tomorrow. Give me a little time. :) If you can.