I’ve been getting really depressed as I get older (not that I’m old, I’m 21) because I can’t seem to find a girl to fatten up. I’ve never really been open about my interests, and every time I have been it’s been devastating rejection or poor imitation, causing me to become guilty. I worry that I’ll never be able to meet a girl who wants me to make her a lazy fat piggy. Feedism is more than a physical attraction, it’s a complete lifestyle, a lifestyle that I am not living and it gets harder every day. Something is missing from my life.


When I was a child, I overheard someone saying that, in heaven, you could eat as much of whatever you wanted, and never get fat. I concluded that I would not see any fat people once I got to heaven. It was a very sad thought for me.

I want a guy to love me, and just stuff me when ever he can. I want him to call me his plump princess. I want him to have to lend me his shirts cause none of mine will fit, and I want him to draw on my belly.

i love recipe blogs and the little stories that go with them as the chefs and bakers describe how good their recipes taste. they put a lot of work into stories and what inspired the recipe, etc.  but i wish that someone would start a feedist recipe blog. just an entire blog about their adventures in baking specifically for feedist endeavors.  

TW: Fat Shaming


he’s gained over 75 lbs, without encouragement, without meaning to, over the past 3 years, and it’s all fat. he’s almost 250, of fat and muscle…but to top it off…he’s in the marine corps and he’s got an overhang, and he’s in XL uniforms and its the most delicious thing seeing him strain the buttons of his old uniforms, but i’m also embarrassed for him because he’s the laughing stock of his command and i just want everyone to shut up and leave him alone. 


Hi. I feel super lost and confused about where I fall in the feederism community. I’m a relatively thin lesbian, and I’m attracted to really large butch women. I don’t even know if I’d want to or should be called a feeder though, because I’m more into women that would take charge and aggressively eat lots of pizzas, and tell me that my vegan food sucks, and name-call/do bdsm stuff to me… So basically everything’s reversed??? I don’t know, sorry, TMI. 

I wish I could write, because I’ve always wanted to read a Hunger Games AU where when the Quarter Quell was announced all the victors decided to protest by making it a literal hunger games and fattening themselves so they were too big to fight when the time came and no one in the Capitol would want to watch fat pigs waddling around anyway, but even after it’s called off and they’re safe, Peeta and Katniss find out they really, really love being stuffed and huge.  Ever since I read it, I’ve wished the boy with the bread would just feed her PROPERLY already

I always loved the idea of being unable to stop in a feedism relationship. The fantasy of passing that point of no return and my feeder not stopping. It’s just too hot to even think about having a relationship like that.

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However, on the 5th of April, I’m going to my brother’s house (as I do every year at this time) to house and dog sit.  I usually take a break from doing confessions when I’m there (mostly because I tend to be busier there than here).  

So, if you have a confession, send it now and I’ll work on it probably on the 4th.  Don’t sweat it too much, however, if you don’t see them come up right away.  I will, however, do my best especially since I’m feeling okay health-wise right now!

I weigh about 290 lbs while my boyfriend weighs about 275. He knows his size turns me on but he has no idea that my own size turns me on. When we have sex or he touches me i get off on thinking about him teasing me for being so huge, about him forcing me to get bigger. My favourite thing in the world is when his belly slaps against my huge gut while we’re having sex, not to mention the way my belly hangs down so far if I’m on top. Unfortunately he’s losing weight :( Little does he know I’m gaining ;)