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My BBW gf has never really had a problem with being big until about 3 weeks ago when she started a paleo diet out of the blue. Honestly I support what ever decision she makes and told her so. My sub-conscience has other ideas. Ive been having the most erotic dreams about her stuffing and/or me feeding her until she blows up to 400-500lbs of beautiful fat (currently 230). I guess I do want her big after all lol

My dream is to have a capricious young feedee (man or women), who is lazy and fastidious. He/she would do nothing all day long, eating tons of food and demand me to entertain him/her. My feedee would gain more and more, demand more and more food. I would encourage him/her, massage his/her full belly and tell him/her that he/she is not even chubby and please him/her any way he/she wants. It would be heaven.

I love my boyfriend but he doesn’t share any of my kinks and i feel helpless with how incompatible we are. we’ve been together 3 years and he used to make an effort (name calling, doing belly play) and it used to be enough, but he decided a long time ago he wasn’t interested in doing that stuff any more and now the most i get is playing with his stomach. i can’t see myself leaving him for any reason, but i feel shitty and hopeless all the time because a huge, important part of me is being ignored and always will be ignored.

I had a friend who had a magnificent belly. I would feed him and stuff cookies in his mouth whenever I got the chance. He gained so much weight it was crazy. I stayed over at his house and fed him until he couldn’t move. After taking a shower there I walked in at him rubbing his belly with a huge hard-on.

Ever since he moved across the country, I couldn’t stop thinking about his adorable fat face.

I love jiggling her tummy. She is still kinda weirded out by it. I want to rub her tummy after she eats, and that isn’t  happening soon. No biggie. But, she says she likes to feed people. So I’m really curious if I’m not dating a subconscious, closet, feeder or not. And I half am wonder if showing her (the more positive aspects) of this community would either make her have an epiphany or freak out. So, I’m kinda worried explaining what I like in further detail to her. I never expected her to gain for me, and I never will. But I wonder if showing her this would open up our sex life to a greater acceptance of food and fat. 

One, I have found someone very dear to me and she knows (partly) of my fetish. She is okay with it, in parts, and I feel like there will be some stuff she may warm up to and other fantasies she wont. Totally cool. Except for the fact that even though we are doing this all consensual, I still feel like I am forcing it on her. Especially when I am shy on being the “object,” or receiving end of the fantasy, I feel like a dick head for getting her to try things. Like I am grooming her almost, or manipulating her. How can I be so eager to try and wiggle new things into her comfort zone, and still be so hesitant to repay the favor? She is a hot bbw, sure, but she’s so much more. I shouldn’t even BEGIN to ask for anything else because she’s already the best but I’m a big wiener. And I definitely don’t want what I want to risk her health, because I know shes had health problems already. 

I want to be embarrassed in public for gaining weight and watch my partner’s reaction. Oh, and maybe the other way around would be fun too.

There is not enough bhm/ssbhm straight porn out there. I mean a big guy with a skinny girl. Whats a gainer like me supposed to jack to?

I feel like a lot of female feeders don’t give me a chance because Im not that big yet. They will wish they had when they see me in a couple months!