There’s a new boy in my gym class, and he is very chubby. I can’t stop watching him run.

I honestly just want to feed a skinny or a semi-plump girl to 300lbs+. I want her to dominate me with her fat. I want her belly full of stretch marks and I want her to have a lot of fat rolls. I want her begging me to feed her more fatty foods. I want someone who will get turned on when i play with her fat. I just want someone who will get fat for me. To fatten a girl and to squeeze her fat is the ultimate fantasy. She would be the type of feedee that would enjoy being called a fat pig or being talked about for how fat she’s gotten.

I’ve taken to going in the “feeder” and “feedee” tags on Omegle (the text version) and sometimes, I find excellent feeders that are fantastic at telling me about how fat they’re going to make me and how much they’re going to feed me and such, but then 95% of them go on to make it disgusting by talking about wiping my ass or taking a massive dump or something along those lines. Why is that even necessary? I’m in the FEEDISM tag, not the “let me shit on your face” tag.

Eating, or being fed, until I feel my stomach stretch to its absolute limit might just be the best thing in the world.

I love shameless feedism-themed stories as much as the next person, but it’s so hard to find ones that strike the right balance between engaging story and wank material when I’m in the mood for something more.

Being a teenage transguy is hard with this “fetish” (I prefer interest). Like nobody accepts me for who I am in my nonsexual life, but finding someone into the same stuff as me while accepting me is even harder! All I want is an accepting feeder of either gender to be with or whatever. Doesn’t anyone just wanna cuddle with a big dude instead of ‘do it’?

My partner and I are both into feedism as a kink, but I’ve only recently realized how badly I want a feeder. When I asked if they would be interested in being my feeder, they said yes, but they never seem genuinely into it or act like they want to have any real part in it, so I think they’re only saying it so I won’t feel rejected. We’re poly, so I would try to find a feeder online, but I don’t think anyone would want me because I’m naturally very thin and only want to gain a small amount of weight, since my kink is more about stuffing and stomach noises than weight gain. I don’t want to do this alone, but I feel like I have no other choice.

Even though I’m perfectly content where I’m working currently, every now and then I find myself thinking about what it would be like to work in food service. I’m certain I have the perfect personality for that line of work since I’m almost always warm and bubbly by nature. But I bet I’d pack on some serious pounds working at a place like McDonald’s or Burger King after a while. And I’m no lightweight as it is already. I get turned on thinking about how much fatter I’d get in that kind of environment.

A while ago I went to see a production of the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and there was a plump young woman playing the role of Augustus (Augusta). She was adorable anyway, but when it came to the song “I eat more” about how her mother encourages her to eat and get fat (basically it could be the feedist national anthem) I almost lost it. Definitely the most turned on I’ve ever been in public.

I find that feedism stories with the overly loving grandma, or mother always seem to got me going the most.