My girlfriend, soon to be wife, is a bit overweight and I love it but she doesn’t like the fat, and she tries to lose the weight. I’m a feeder who has never had a feedee of his own. See my problem. I love her size and everything about her, I just wish she would at least stay the same size but I am not in control of her body so if she wants to lose it I’m going to have suck it up. I just wish I could make her huge.

My boyfriend decided to torture me the other night by slapping, jiggling, and rubbing his gut right in front of my face, then chugging soda and belching uncontrollably.

He knows exactly what to do to make me whimper and beg.

I don’t necessarily need my romantic partner to be a feedee, but I don’t think I could have a feedee if they wouldn’t be my romantic partner as well.


Being seen as a fat unattractive loser gets me hornier than anything. I don’t want admiration, I want to be mocked or pitied at best. I can’t tell anyone because it will ruin the fantasy if they know. Any positivity what so ever blows it for me. 

I like to see a woman eat, I like to see a woman burp to make room in her stomach, I like to see a woman loudly digest as she turns food into fat and I like to see a woman going to toilets to make room for even more food. That’s not really a scat fetish but I feel like I’m the only one in the feedism community to have that fetish and I’m even more afraid to confess that to someone.

I’ve been a feedee for as long as I can remember.  I was a feedee long before I knew what a feedee was. I would go through periods of trying to put on weight, but it wasn’t until I started to enjoy eating, that the weight really stuck.

Now I’m not really trying to gain, but the weight is coming on anyway. After the weight really started to stick, I noticed that my penis was getting smaller. At this point, I had already decided that I didn’t want a relationship with a woman who isn’t an FFA or a feeder. It wasn’t much of a stretch to say she ( or they, I’d prefer to having multiple feeders who can keep my belly as full as I want to keep it ) would also have to enjoy everything about my fat and weight gain, including the incredible shrinking penis.

I say think knowing that I’m going to continue to enjoy my food, eating, and my weight gain. I’ll probably slow down from time to time, but I know I’m not going to stop. I’m a bit concerned about the practical realities of getting fatter, like how am I going to relieve myself without making a mess…. and orgasms. Orgasms are important, and if my penis is enveloped in fat, how am I gong to get there?

I am insanely into the whole “beauty and the beast” aspect of feeding. I want to be someones blubbery, pizza guzzling, monster, while the girl I’m with is cute and petite. She’d feel protected next to my intimidating size. I’d want to stroll down the beach and have passers by think, “Why is that gorgeous beauty with that disgusting beast?!” Then we’d go home and she’d hand me a beer and watch in awe as I demolish enough food to feed a family, while rubbing my gut as we sit in front of the TV/listen to music/hangout.

When I’m scrolling down on tumblr looking at all these cute enormous gluttonous fatties, I just wish someday I could find a girl like that, that wouldn’t care about getting bigger or even actually like it, that would be lazy as fuck and could spend her day stuffing her face (and I would enjoy to help her) and then have sex with me when she’s not eating or sleeping. We would buy a ton of food just for both of us but mostly for her and after eating like a piggy she would have food all over her face and belly then she would lay down as much as possible and burp loudly. This would be a dream life.

But it seems that there’s no such girl in France. :’(

I honestly wish I could find a female feeder who lives in New York City.   Everyone seems to be so obsessed with weight loss, meanwhile I’m over here trying to make my belly even bigger.  I guess New York really is the vanity capital of the world.

I’ve been getting really depressed as I get older (not that I’m old, I’m 21) because I can’t seem to find a girl to fatten up. I’ve never really been open about my interests, and every time I have been it’s been devastating rejection or poor imitation, causing me to become guilty. I worry that I’ll never be able to meet a girl who wants me to make her a lazy fat piggy. Feedism is more than a physical attraction, it’s a complete lifestyle, a lifestyle that I am not living and it gets harder every day. Something is missing from my life.