There is not enough bhm/ssbhm straight porn out there. I mean a big guy with a skinny girl. Whats a gainer like me supposed to jack to?

I feel like a lot of female feeders don’t give me a chance because Im not that big yet. They will wish they had when they see me in a couple months!

Particular submission

Hello, I thought it would be cool to post a confession of mine as a draw :) So I sent it to you , do as you wish with it :)

Please answer this post, if you wouldn’t mind

As a hetero male feedee, I often find my feedee desires to be in conflict with the the stereotypical protector male ideal.

My own, real-world experiences with violence have driven me to learn to be good at some potentially scary sounding methods of self defense (and defense of others) that I won’t repeat here.

What I really want, is a to be with a woman who is driven to keep my belly full, with my body mostly inactive and growing fatter. What I want is a woman who gets a sexual thrill out of keeping my belly full, and my body getting fatter, even if/when I become too fat to get up on my own, and if/when my…dumbstick…gets swallowed up by my fat.

Where it trips me up a bit, is that most women I’ve noticed to be ffa’s or female feeders tend to say some variation of — his fatness makes me feel safe.

Even if-when I put on a couple hundred pounds, I’d still be capable of doing all those scary sounding self defense things —with, or without a firearm— that I can do now, but what happens when I become too fat for that?

If I am too over-stuffed… or even just too fat to to get up on my own, and fill that protector role, what good am I?

Today I got this message:

Hello F/C,
i currently created a podcast series about weight gain stories. Could I use some of the confessions in one of my podcast?
I would be very happy and honoured!

Mark Melzer

— weightgains
I told them that I would ask on F/C and get your general input. If you’ve confessed (anonymously or not) would you mind your confessions being used (a simple yes or no would be fantastic).  Once I get a good idea, I’ll let them know.  So, what do you think; are you willing to share?

I have this dream of when I finally get to college, I’ll be able to find a girl who’s interested in letting herself go, and gain herself out of any of the normal sizes of clothing. I don’t know why I find it so sexy, but the idea of meeting a girl and getting her to burst out of her clothing is just wildly pleasing.

Living in a small town in Kentucky, all I have ever wanted is to find a girl who wants me to force feed her and make her as fat as I want…sadly it seems this 19 year old cannot find one anywhere.

i was an avid cosplayer for a while and i was around 160-170 lbs at the time i cosplayed last. that was about a year and a half ago and since then, ive gained about 50-60 lbs. I found an old cosplay shirt and when i tried it on, i could barely get it over my chest! its about halfway up my belly and im wearing it right now. im going to keep it for my future gain to see how much more i can get this to ride up. 

Even if I don’t see the many confessions I submitted posted (I did to many), I just gotta say coming on here is magical. It’s interesting to hear people so different from myself, whether it be gender or orientation, going through or feeling similar things. Even after leaving tumblr, I miss that a lot. Being able to talk to people that get it. 


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