I’m a female feedee and I love to browse feederism stories and stuff on websites, but I have a hard time finding ones that aren’t based around what me and my boyfriend call the “Slob” turn on.  I don’t want to read about women being called pigs and demeaning stuff by their feeders.  Nor do I like stories about girls/women who gorge themselves in public and have food running around their shirts or other gross things.  I don’t think it’s a turn on at all and I wish I could find more feederism stories that didn’t involve these turn offs.

I’m a gay trans man, and I wish SO MUCH that I’d been assigned male at birth because I am really into the idea of being a feedee. It just turns me on like nothing ever has. The only thing is, I always gain weight in my chest, and that causes me to not pass as well as male. Sometimes I’ll catch myself stuffing and gaining weight without even meaning to, and while it’s upsetting, it’s also really, really hot in some bizarre way.

I’ve recently discovered that I’m into feedism. i have a boyfriend who i don’t think is into it as well, but occasionally he says and does things that make me question that. i kind of wish he was though, because i often fantasize that when I’m eating a ton of food he would be sitting next to me rubbing my expanding belly telling me to eat more and more until i can’t move. I’m not really into gaining a ton of weight but i wouldn’t mind “accidentally” putting on about 20 or 30 pounds. seeing as i only weigh about 110. i’d want all of it to go to my hips and my belly.

I hope my fat pad completely envelopes my member.

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Last night I hooked up with this guy on campus who was pretty huge (roughly 250 lbs I’m guessing and he took up most of the room on his dorm room bed). I told him he was sexy and he asked me why I thought that. I told him I had a thing for bigger guys, and his response? “I like that you like big guys.” Even though he really wants to lose weight and is insecure about his stomach, he told me he was okay with taking his shirt off for me, and he even let me rub his massive belly. I was so turned on by his cushiony layers of fat, but even more so it made me happy seeing him feel more comfortable with his body.

Once, a guy ate an entire pie with his hands while I jiggled his belly, because we were both so turned on by the idea of him getting fatter. Then he put his hand behind my neck and pulled me to him and kissed me, and his mouth tasted like pie, and my heart was racing…I’ll never forget that.

when I see some fat couples, or where just one of the partners is really fat, I wonder if they are into feedism… If they are, we are a lot! Yesterday I saw a gorgeous boy with a really tight white t-shirt grabbing his girl friend’s soft hips… I’m quite sure they didn’t ever expect the girl behind them was a FA ;)

in high school, there was a cute, chubby girl i knew and had a crush on, but we never kept in touch.  last night she came into the shop where i work and she’s gained probably about 100 pounds since i last saw her, and she was wearing ultra tight leggings and a too small top with her huge belly hanging out the bottom.  i hope she keeps coming back so we can reconnect and i’ll take her home one night and show her how much i adore her new fat body and fatten her up even more.


I want someone to tie me up and feed me every night, have me eating at all possible times of day, stuffed till I can’t move and am not moving. I want this to happen until I’m 250-325 lbs, and then I want to stuff them silly until they’re bigger than me.

I have this inexplicable urge to draw the word “Feedee” on my white shirts, especially the ones that emphasize my fat jiggly gut.

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