I’ve discovered a place near home that makes the most deliciously belt-busting Sicilian pizzas I’ve ever tasted.  A single pizza lasts a good five meals when a typical large from any other pizza place will be lucky to be half that.  Now I just need a willing victim…

My boyfriend doesn’t have a desire to gain, but he is a big guy. He’ll talk about his clothes being tight, or about how fat he is and I love hearing it. Others will make comments about his size and I’m so turned on. He doesn’t try to gain, but he knows how I feel about a nice round man and sometimes when he eats in front of me I’m not sure if that’s just how he is or if he is making an effort to eat a lot in front of me. Either way I’m very happy with his body.


Leonardo Dicaprio has gained a lot of weight recently and oh lord his nice round belly is driving me wild.

My new sweetie got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabeetus back in Feb/March. We were just friends at the time. He’s since gone on Metformin and lost 20 lbs. (And feels better, which is wonderful.)

But I find out now that we’re dating that he weighed 297 right before he went on the Metformin. 297! So close to 300! What I wouldn’t have done to have been able to fatten him up to just 3 lbs more! And the worst part is… I mentioned this to him, and he said, had we been together then, he would have been totally willing to gain 3 lbs for me so I could have seen him at 300! He even asked me what I would have fed him so he could have done it. (I settled on the most amazing burgers, fries, and shakes we had ever had… it’s what we ate the night before he got his diagnosis. When the doc called and said she needed to see him the next day, and he had been showing signs of diabeetus for a while, we pretty much knew what she was going to say, so we had a last hurrah.)

Oh, dear God, what I wouldn’t do for a time machine. It’s not fair.

I have a new boyfriend. He’s an old friend of mine. It’s my first time dating someone who was a friend first. Lots of things feel VERY VERY different from how they usually feel when I’m in love. It’s scaring me.

But the part that’s pertinent here is that I’m really struggling with my feedism in relationship to him. He’s a big ol’ fat fuck who loves food & eating, and that’s great… I’ve always thought he was hot & sexy (he looks like a cross between Kevin James, Drew Carey before he lost the weight, with a little Penn Jillette thrown in for good measure), and we’ve always enjoyed pigging out together. And I’m at least somewhat comfortable with doing stuffing sessions with him (gotta be careful of his Type 2 Diabeetus, of course), letting him eat massive amounts of his favorite foods. (Well, not the B&J or the pecan pie, of course.) He obviously enjoys that greatly. But to think of him gaining massive amounts of weight, or him fattening me up… it just makes me uncomfortable. And I have NO IDEA WHY. This has never happened with partners in the past. But it’s really distressing me, as this IS my main fetish.

Hell, I’m having a hard time feeling any feedism desires in general. I read the stories on here and they just don’t do anything to me anymore. It’s even affecting my masturbation. And I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Is it because fat bodies aren’t his usual type? (He says he’s attracted to my body, though.) Is it because of the way he’s still learning how to play with feedism? He’s told me he’s not squicked by the feedism at all and is totally game to play it with me. (I’ve always preferred partners who aren’t feedists but who are fat guys who like to eat and are game to play with my fetish with me.) Is it because I’m a fetish sponge and while I’ve picked up his fetishes (we have a lot of other mutual ones, including BDSM), I’ve somehow seem to have lost my own? (this has never happened before, that is, losing my own fetishes) (FWIW, the rest of our sex life is SMOKIN’ HOT and FANTASTIC.) Is it because I know he has no desire whatsoever to actually fatten me up IRL (my other partners didn’t either… but I know that I wouldn’t have been going away from their main body types) and that he really can’t gain any weight back (diabeetus, plus he says he feels better lighter, and I respect that completely).

All I know is I feel totally lost, totally confused, and am freaking out. I want my sexuality back and I wanna feel comfortable doing this with him… he’s comfortable doing it with me. And I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it or who can give me advice with it. I don’t even feel comfortable posting this under my own name, and I’m usually the super Out one. *sigh*

My foodie wife loves to eat and hates exercise, so over the past several years, because she ate and ate, she grew fatter and fatter.  Now that she’s past 450lbs there’s no going back.  Her appetite has grown too, and she loves the freedom of eating what she wants.  She doesn’t want to be immobile, but she can’t stop eating.  And she’s still getting bigger.

I actually experienced belly play before I ever let anyone get to second base. Things like rubbing, massaging, grabbing, and kissing my belly. I’m actually not sure what I like better: that or actual sex acts. 

When most people think about sexting, they imagine people sending dick pics and pictures of their tits. That’s not what I do. Sometimes when I’m in the mood I go on snapchat and send my boy a belly pic. We exchange them back and forth periodically. Sometimes I like to send him pictures of my belly that are shot from different angles. ;)


My boyfriend is really fit and sexy, but has barely an ounce of fat on his body. I love how he looks, but sometimes I think about how hot it would be to feed him all day, every day, and watch his belly go from washboard abs to huge, round, and soft. Who knows, maybe he’d even feed me and turn me from a skinny, cute girl, into an obese blimp? We could rub each other’s fat tummies all day and stuff ourselves like crazy.

I want to be embarrassed about my weight in public by my boyfriend. And vice-versa.